Shoulder Workout

by | Dec 5, 2016

#SundayFunday… Yesterday’s shoulder workout;

  1. SHOULDER MACHINE: Instead of starting with dumbbell presses, I rather start at the machine.WHY? The problem with DB-presses is that if you take „more” weight, it’s really hard to do real clean reps. The shoulder is a very complex joint; It can move in all directions and therefore it is hard to keep stability in the shoulder if you do heavy DB-presses. The risk of injury is way higher. DB-presses are a good exercise, but only if you do „clean” reps. A shoulder press machine is way better for BIG, ROUND shoulders because you can take much more weight! Make an explosive movement up, and go down slow. Use the full Range of Motion.
  2. MILITARY PRESS: one of the best exercises for the front and side part of the shoulder. Make sure that the elbows are always straight under the weight. I would always choose military press over dumbbell presses, because you have a FULLER RANGE OF MOTION and therefore more involvement of the shoulder.  With DB-presses you just work with a part of the shoulder, because you don’t have the mobility to move your elbows all the way down.
  3. SIDE RAISES: the most important exercise for a NICE formed shoulders. Imagine the weight being on the elbows, they lead the movement. Bend a little forward, this is important; if you stand-up straight, the weight doesn’t really work the side part, but the front part of the shoulder. Really try to feel the contraction in the SIDE PART of the shoulder.
  4. SUPERSET DB-PRESSES and FRONT RAISES EZ-BAR: Dumbbell presses are a good exercise, but you should combine them. WHY? If your arms are parallel to the ground, you can push a lot of weight up (the triceps also help), but the shoulder does not only work from this angle up; you’re only making partial reps. The front part only works when the elbows are more down, which is not able with this exercise. I use this upward „power” movement from a 90 degree angle (make sure your elbows are directly under the weight) and combine this with front raises. Really important to lightly bend your arms, because only this way the front part of the shoulder will be contracted. Working the front part of the shoulder is important because this is exactly the partial movement your missing with the dumbbell presses. Basically, i’m combining these two partial-rep exercises to work the FULL RANGE OF MOTION in this superset!

Happy Fitness! 🙂 xoxo

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